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Explorers boy & girl

Explorers girl & doll


Explorers (Two-Year-Olds)

Two Year Old Childcare in Allen, TX“Self-esteem,” “achievement,” “initiative,” “creativity,” and “self-expression” are more than just words—they are the rewards that come when children flourish in an environment that encourages learning through daily routines, stimulating play times, art and science activities, physical education and more! Mastering potty training, sign language, building vocabulary through hands-on learning activities including Spanish, using words to communicate, and becoming
familiar with ABC’s are the
core of our Explorers curriculum.

The Two-Year-Old curriculum prepares your child for a rewarding school experience with lessons relating to our thematic units designed to maximize the fun in learning and offer a range of daily activities and an assortment of experiences. Our daily lesson plans ensure your child is exposed to the activities necessary to reach various milestones. Two year olds are active exploring their environment so our experienced teachers keep small hands busy and young minds engaged through age-appropriate activities. This program is the perfect balance of nurturing; learning and group play which emphasizes on developing the whole child. Our energetic teachers know that two year olds are busy little people so they fill their day with a well-rounded balance of activities that include music and movement and plenty of outdoor time that consists of running, climbing and jumping. This environment begins in the Two-Year-Old room and continues throughout the Twin Oaks Private School experience.


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