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Discovery (Three & Four Year Olds)

Three and Four Year Old Programs in Allen, TXChildren are encouraged to learn through play, so our learning environment is set up in various centers where children can independently discover and establish a lifelong love of learning. Our well-rounded curriculum lays the foundation for your child’s education through thematic units, story and circle time, fingerplays, music and movement, language arts, science, math, cooking, art, problem solving and reading readiness.

Each day your early preschooler will engage in various activities that encourage them to explore and discover. Our curriculum promotes language/communication development, cognitive development, creative arts, physical, personal and social development.

Our program is designed to give students a head start in socialization, listening, hand-eye coordination and physical development. Children need social skills to develop relationships, make decisions, solve problems and learn effectively. Children learn by doing. Your preschooler will strengthen his or her skills with plenty of hands-on activities designed to expand language skills, increase familiarity with the alphabet and numbers, and encourage positive interaction with others. They will also learn various concepts that will help them achieve later success in reading, math and other academic skills. These skills will cultivate self-confidence, making your child feel good about him or herself.

Children must have a working vocabulary of 5,000 words before they begin kindergarten and the children in our Discovery classes are eager to learn! Spanish vocabulary instruction and sign language continues as simple songs and phrases are integrated into weekly lessons!

Outdoor activities develop the large muscles and promote physical control. Creative play promotes dexterity and develops imaginations. Reading and math-readiness concepts are introduced, along with science, social studies, cooking, and arts and crafts. Children will enjoy field trips corresponding to their weekly units of study.

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