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What Kids Are Saying About Twin Oaks

I like school because we play in centers, learn about letters, and read lots of books.

— Jayla, age 3

I really love it sooo... much! I like going to school to play in sand. I get to color. I learn about the Bible and how to do puzzles. Circle Time is fun!

— Dillon, age 5

School is fun because we play in centers and have snow cones every Thursday. I like playing in the gym.

— Charlie, age 4

I learn about shapes and letters. I love coloring and having fun with my friends.

— Alec, age 5

School is so fun! We sing songs and do the movements. I love my teachers.

— Caitlyn, age 5

Twin Oaks is a good school because we do fun stuff. I learn my alphabet. I love learning and playing in centers.

— Mackenzie, age 4

I like school because we play with ducks, eat lunch and go outside. I love the home center, music and dancing with my teacher.

— Faron, age 4

Twin Oaks rocks! Mr. Josh is funny. The lunch is good. The arcade games are fun.

— Clayton, age 7

I like Twin Oaks because we get to go outside and play wii everyday. The water slide is so cool! Last, I LOVE the teachers.

— Gracen, age 8

I like Twin Oaks because we do lots of fun stuff. The field trips are so much fun. I like to make new friends.

— Avery, age 6

I like Twin Oaks because we do art and learn Spanish.

— Reese, age 5

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