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Programs at Twin Oaks

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Ages Twin Oaks Private School Program
Infant & Toddler Beginners, Wobblers, and First Steps
Two Year Olds Explorers
Three & Four Year Olds Discovery
Pre-Kindergarten Journey
After School Adventure Club
Summer Camp Adventure Summer Camp

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"A child's mind is like a canvas that becomes a work of art when
it is touched by a teacher who educates both mind and heart."

Beginners, Wobblers and First Steps (Infants and Toddlers)

Infant and Toddler Programs in Allen, TXUtilizing a “heartbeat” schedule of active-quiet-active-quiet infants and toddlers in these programs enjoy varied activities throughout the day in a loving, nurturing environment best suited to meet the needs of their ever-so-important early brain development. From tummy-time, singing, music class and puppet shows to art and sign language--your baby will experience it all!

Our classrooms have been specially designed to offer your child a nurturing and secure environment that includes an exploratory play area. Safety and sanitary procedures are high priorities.

Our curriculum is designed to foster and aid in the development and growth during these crucial first years of life. Infants and Young Toddlers will build large and small motor skills and begin interacting with others through music and play. Toddlers will learn language skills and develop self-confidence through stories, nursery rhymes and games. They will also begin learning daily routines to make the most of our preschool programs.

Cuddling, personal attention and interaction between our teachers and our babies promote basic skills (social, emotional, physical and cognitive) to enhance their early developmental experiences. Your child will be engaged in activities that will help him or her reach developmental milestones that are age-appropriate.

We carefully record specific parental instructions. In addition, our staff maintains a separate record for each child, noting eating, sleeping and diapering times.

Children enrolled in the Infant/Toddler program are given priority in registering for other programs.

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Explorers (Two-Year-Olds)

Two Year Old Childcare in Allen, TX“Self-esteem,” “achievement,” “initiative,” “creativity,” and “self-expression” are more than just words—they are the rewards that come when children flourish in an environment that encourages learning through daily routines, stimulating play times, art and science activities, physical education and more! Mastering potty training, sign language, building vocabulary through hands-on learning activities including Spanish, using words to communicate, and becoming
familiar with ABC’s are the
core of our Explorers curriculum.

The Two-Year-Old curriculum prepares your child for a rewarding school experience with lessons relating to our thematic units designed to maximize the fun in learning and offer a range of daily activities and an assortment of experiences. Our daily lesson plans ensure your child is exposed to the activities necessary to reach various milestones. Two-year-olds are active exploring their environment so our experienced teachers keep small hands busy and young minds engaged through age-appropriate activities. This program is the perfect balance of nurturing, learning and group play which emphasizes developing the whole child. Our energetic teachers know that two-year-olds are busy little people so they fill their day with a well-rounded balance of activities that include music and movement and plenty of outdoor time for running, climbing and jumping. This environment begins in the Two-Year-Old room and continues throughout the Twin Oaks Private School experience.


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Discovery (Three- & Four-Year-Olds)

Three and Four Year Old Programs in Allen, TXChildren are encouraged to learn through play, so our learning environment is set up in various centers where children can independently discover and establish a lifelong love of learning. Our well-rounded curriculum lays the foundation for your child’s education through thematic units, story and circle time, finger plays, music and movement, language arts, science, math, cooking, art, problem solving and reading readiness.

Each day your early preschooler will engage in various activities that encourage them to explore and discover. Our curriculum promotes language/communication development, cognitive development, creative arts, physical, personal and social development.

Our program is designed to give students a head start in socialization, listening, hand-eye coordination and physical development. Children need social skills to develop relationships, make decisions, solve problems and learn effectively. Children learn by doing. Your preschooler will strengthen his or her skills with plenty of hands-on activities designed to expand language skills, increase familiarity with the alphabet and numbers, and encourage positive interaction with others. They will also learn various concepts that will help them achieve later success in reading, math and other academic skills. These skills will cultivate self-confidence, making your child feel good about him or herself.

Children must have a working vocabulary of 5,000 words before they begin kindergarten and the children in our Discovery classes are eager to learn! Spanish vocabulary instruction and sign language continues as simple songs and phrases are integrated into weekly lessons!

Outdoor activities develop the large muscles and promote physical control. Creative play promotes dexterity and develops imaginations. Reading and math-readiness concepts are introduced, along with science, social studies, cooking, and arts and crafts. Children will enjoy field trips corresponding to their weekly units of study.

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Journey (Pre-Kindergarten)

Pre-Kindergarten Programs in Allen, TXOur classroom is organized into learning activity centers: reading, art, teacher’s table for handwriting and worksheets, dramatic play, manipulatives, blocks, sand/water table, math, science, and computers. This is where everything your child has learned throughout his young life is fine-tuned to ensure that he is ready for kindergarten. Pre-reading and early math skills are enhanced as well as the equally important social and emotional skills required for success in a classroom atmosphere.

Our comprehensive, skill based curriculum is organized into theme-based units that incorporate creative art, music, physical fitness, language, reading, science, math and social development. Our attractive and inviting environment begins your child’s journey that will eventually lead into kindergarten and beyond, ensuring your child’s success as a life-long learner, preparing for a successful elementary school experience.

At Twin Oaks we also recognize the important correlation between intellectual and physical development! Just watch these scholars shine as they perform coordinated dance and rhythm routines at their cap-and-gown graduation ceremony in May!


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Adventure Club
(Kindergarten-6th Grade)

Adventure Club provides a unique learning experience with school-agers' interests in mind!

After School Programs in Allen, TXOur after school program provides a safe and stimulating environment that is all about appropriate social skills and fun! School-age children in our Adventure Club enjoy an afternoon snack, homework time, art activities, computers, foosball, video games, outside play and more!

Twin Oaks provides transportation to and from public and private schools.
We offer before and after-school care, full-day or weekly programs, as well as care for all out-of-school days such as holidays, teacher in-service days and summertime!

We recognize that school-age children need a comfortable, informal atmosphere to round out their highly structured school day so we have developed a fun, creative after-school program providing ample opportunities for relaxing and socializing. Weekly learning themes, such as Dinosaurs and Outer Space, enhance your child’s educational development. Computer and art projects, library trips, and extra-curricular activities support the week’s theme.

This unmatched anywhere program balances homework, learning and fun. Your child will experience the adventure of a lifetime!

We also provide a homework table and tutoring.

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Adventure Summer Camp (All Ages)

Summer Camp in Allen, TXOur action-packed Adventure Summer Camp includes learning disguised as fun through weekly themes, field trips, art and science activities, swimming in our on-site pool, and much more! This summer session offers the perfect combination of fun and learning!

We provide children with educational and recreational adventures incorporating exciting weekly themes.  It's like having a different camp every week.  Our themes are designed to provide opportunities for children enrolled in our summer program to explore, discover, and take a journey for childhood memories that last a lifetime! 


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