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Beginners, Wobblers and First Steps (Infants and Toddlers)

Infant and Toddler Programs in Allen, TXUtilizing a “heartbeat” schedule of active-quiet-active-quiet infants and toddlers in these programs enjoy varied activities throughout the day in a loving, nurturing environment best suited to meet the needs of their ever so important early brain development. From tummy-time, singing, music class and puppet shows to art and sign language--your baby will experience it all!

Our classrooms have been specially designed to offer your child a nurturing and secure environment that includes an exploratory play area. Safety and sanitary procedures are high priorities.

Our curriculum is designed to foster and aid in the development and growth during these crucial first years of life. Infants and Young Toddlers will build large and small motor skills and begin interacting with others through music and play. Toddlers will learn language skills and develop self-confidence through stories, nursery rhymes and games. They will also begin learning daily routines to make the most of our preschool programs.

Cuddling, personal attention and interaction between our teachers and our babies promote basic skills (social, emotional, physical and cognitive) to enhance their early developmental experiences. Your child will be engaged in activities that will help him or her reach developmental milestones that are age-appropriate.

We carefully record specific parental instructions. In addition, our staff maintains a separate record for each child, noting eating, sleeping and diapering times.

Children enrolled in the Infant/Toddler program are given priority in registering for other programs.

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